Current packages for voxer mentoring:

1 week intensive $222

1 month $666

3 month package $1777

6 month package $3333

What is Voxer mentoring?

Voxer mentoring is support in your pocket, annytime you need it.
Unlike 1:1 coaching that includes weekly calls, Voxer allows you to grab your phone, send a voice (or text) message whenever you are “going through it” and need support.
Sometimes, that support looks like a mindset shift, other times it’s a huge celebration or a moment of bouncing ideas.

If you are new to investing in yourself, and your business,voxer is quite possible the best big move you can make.
If you are already “in it” and doing all the things, 1:1 mentoring will change the game for you – but if zoom chats are not something you vibe with, voxer will still change the game for you.

I did not hit over a million dollars in my business by
staying in the same frequency.
No fucking way.

I took radically responsibility for where I wanted to go
and I made bold moves to get there.

I trusted that more was and IS always waiting for me.

The question is, are you prepared to do the same?
Truth is, noone is going to do it for you.

Raise the bar yourself.
Change the frequency of what life gets to be.
Make bold, courageous moves, and position yourself to do amazing things!

When you are ready, to really be all in on this path, this reality,
I am ready to vibe with you.

Voxer Mentoring Packages