Private Client Mentoring

  • Private mentoring with Jill

    high level support, accountability & guidance in your business. Select from 1month, 3 months & 6 months

  • Private/1:1 Zoom Chats

    Unlimited book-as-you-need video (or voice only) calls

  • Unlimited Voxer/Voice Communication

    Mentoring & support, when you need it! While working with me as a private client, you have unlimited access to voice messages (and text) with Jill. Where you can reach out whenever you are "in it" and need to vent, celebrate, or bounce ideas. Voxer is sooOo good for that every day activation you need.

  • Access to all live group programs

    You'll instantly be added into any & all of my live trainings (group programs) & or masterclasses held during our coaching period. (including lifetime access to the replays)

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