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the ultimate guide to growing your own online business

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A-Z eCommerce Roadmap

Get my proven, 5-step stress-busting system and process to plan, create, launch, promote, and start selling from your online store in just 14 Days.

You can build out your entire online shop
& start selling your products in just 14 days!

Okay Jill, so you’re saying…

✗ I don’t have to dreaddd talking about my products?

✗ I don’t feel so clueless when it comes to social media?

✗ I don’t have to keep feeling like my business is just a hobby?

Yup! You got it!

✔︎ You can totally feel confident loving up on your products!

✔︎ Clueless will be a nothing more than a 90s chick flick

✔︎ Bye bye hobby – hello small business owner (Tax & All!)



The Planning Phase
  • Idea Validation
  • Tapping into a Business Mindset
  • Brainstorming & Planning


The Launch Phase
  • The Launch Roadmap
  • Setting up Behind-the-scenes
  • Launch Week!


The Marketing Phase
  • Getting Started with Socia Media
  • Gaining Marketing Confidence
  • Buy Swap Sell Groups


The Selling Phase
  • All Things Money
  • Postage, Packaging & More
  • Customer Support & Nurturing


The Growth Phase
  • Setting up an eCommerce Website
  • Hiring a Team/Employees
  • Optimizing & Organising for Business Growth

I lovvvve how you break down the website lingo! I actually feel like I can do this now!

Leone C

Thankyou Jill, for an old bird like me, this has been very helpful. Having these templates for the buy swap sell groups has been good.


I am very pleased with how my website looks. Thanks for all your help. This course has been so helpful, when did you say the membership starts?

Pauline J

Woop woop! Jilllll.. I got my first website sale, I can't believe it! You are an absolute star!


Your questions answered

Ecommerce Business Accelerator (or EBA) is an online course, that will guide through every step of turning your hobby or idea into a real online/home business.

EBA not only teaches you how to choose prices for your products, postage ect… but also walks you through how to setup an online store (ecommerce website), how to handle money objections, how to gain more confidence when it comes to talking about your products and selling them.

There is so so much inside this program!

There is no deadline. It’s a self-study course. No-one will be on your back telling you to apply for extensions or anything like that. 
I will check in every now and then via email, to see if you need support along the way, (and you can reach out at any time, if you have questions)
However, there is no expiry date – you have lifetime access, to this version as well as ALL and ANY updates.

(business is always changing, and with that, comes new information, new tips and more students helping me see the missing gaps that help YOU become a profitable business owner)

After you have said “I’m in!” and enrolled in the course, you will get instant access!
Not all lessons will be available right away as some are being recorded as we speak!
Each week a new lesson (or lessons) will drop & once they have all opened up – you will have ongoing access for ever!

An email will be sent to you to confirm. your purchase, as well as login details. Keep an eye on your spam/junk folder – If I am new to your inbox, your email provider may not like me (yet!)

A desire to make shit happen! Honestly, that’s it! 
You can do this course from your laptop/computer or phone.

There are print outs you can use, or just use a notebook and pen along the way.
These workbooks/sheets are optional extra bonuses to help support your journey.

If you have an idea already great – if not we totally get into this is the first module (step one). If you have an idea, there is a lesson that helps you validate it, and figure out if it’s a goodin’ or not.
If you don’t have an idea yet – I cover that as well 🙂 Together let’s get those idea’s flowing.

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You’ll learn

 How to properly plan out your idea

 How to avoid another failed idea

 What is required to actually get started

 How to start with a small budget

 How to use social media as a business (detailed training – what – when & how to post on social media to get sales)

 How to set up an online store website (complete A-Z, step-by-step-by-step guide)

 How to attract customers

 How to advertise without investing in ads

 How to offer your post your products globally (or just country wide)

 How to organise your money

 How to expand your business beyond a home hobby

 + so much more


  Just $497  

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