2.0 Begins in NOVEMBER

Early Bird Pricing is available right now & when you join, you’ll hve instant access to all of 1.0’s trainings. Trust me, there are some goodin’s!!

In November, I’ll be dropping some brand new trainings, taking you more into the HOW & tactical side so can really start to implement strategy behind how you sell, without feeling boxed in, restricted, or blah AF.

In november I will be breaking down EXACTLY.. EXACTLY how I create my content,  HOW I decide what to share where (ie. on my grid, or on my stories, or even on lives ect) and HOW that all plays into the Attraction Marketing approach to selling.

It’s going to be INfuckingCREDIBLE.

and the price right now? insane. Thank me later!!

$111.00 $888.00

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