Before I get in to the details about this workshop.. can we take a minute to appreciate a fun title?

Here’s the thing with choosing a name,
you are one of three people.

Which one feels like you?

I’m betting, if you the first, second or third of. those options, you STILL seem to have a hard time getting your offers finished and selling… 

..but why?

Because when it comes to making money, naming your shit, doesn’t matter!

It just doesn’t.

You are not struggling to make money because the name gets you (or doesn’t).

You are struggling because you have been conditioned by this industry (and childhood) to reach a certain standard, and therefore you never finish shit worth selling!

It’s time to finish shit!


Let’s talk standards….

What standards are you setting for yourself?

Before you answer that, have a think about this…

Are they your standards? Or have you picked them up based on what others are doing?

For example:
The “quality” matters – but how are you personally defining quality?

What about the tools, software and systems you have in place to create, sell & teach your offers? 
^^ Who set these standards for you?

You think you never finish what you start because

When in actual fact… that’s bullshit.

It’s the overthinking that is fucking you over.

Overthinking the steps.
Overthinking the action.
Overthinking the quality.
Overthinking the time.
…and overthinking the shit required to bring your offers to life so you can start selling them!


Because news flash….
Basic Bitches Get Rich Faster.

Mastering the basics is where it’s at.
Learn how to produce things without overthinking, so that you can focus on learning the art of marketing & selling… two very important business basics.

In order to master these, you need to be actually selling products.
This is how we learn.

This workshop, will throw you in the deep end so you have no choice but to learn how to swim.
This industry is moving fast – there is no time to paddle in the shallow end, dipping your toes before presumably jumping in.

Maybe 3 years ago, testing the water first was an option. I’m sorry – if you want in on this business model.. the time is now. So get in!